Nukes or Nuclear Bombs are a sort of weapon added in this mod. They are Mass Destruction Weapons that work by nuclear fission / fusion.

Atomic Bombs Edit

Atomic bombs are the weakest (if you can call it weak) of the nukes in the mod.

There are 3 atomic bombs in the mod:

Little Boy (Hiroshima bomb) Crafting

The Little Boy bomb shell is crafted like so in a assembler. And requires these items

2018-11-04 12.45.40
2018-11-04 12.55.19

Fat Man (Nagasaki bomb)

The Gadget (Trinity test)

Custom Nuke

H-Bombs Edit

H-Bombs are very powerful nukes (3 times more powerful than his atomic counterparts) that work with nuclear fusion.

There are 2 H-Bombs in the mod:

  • Tsar Bomba (Most powerful nuke ever detonated)
  • Ivy Mike (First H-Bomb)

Schrabidium Bombs Edit

cCar bombaSchrabidium bombs are kind of... dangerous and mysterious.

There are 2 S-Bombs in the mod:

  • The prototype
  • F.L.E.I.J.A.